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Professional HTML/CSS homepage templates, and we can if requested by >>contact, design just for you: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or ASP.NET-Application templates for download, 

Download templates for free, look out for new templates: 

§ 1. We do require that you keep the small print: "Designed by BohusiT"

§ 2. If you simply must have the website whithout this hardly noticeable text, you can if you >>inform us, and use our web hosting for your template for only 5$ /month. That will help further development of free web templates.

§ 3. All other variants of the downloading and use of our material is strictly prohibited

§ 4. If you accept these terms of use you are welcome to use any template below. Follow these steps:

  • Edit the content: the text and use your own pictures. Think of Copyright. 
  • For example you can easily edit the content with the Adobe Dreamweaver. 
  • Upload the files to your server / hosting company. For 5$ /month we can offer web hosting for your template.


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